Hand-Painted Satin Saree #HP 001


For those ladies who love to wear one of a kind unique sarees – truly UNIQUE, as this is the only one available in the world as it was created by Simply Sarees – this is the one for you.

This is a hand painted saree.  This saree is not one of thousands of sarees produced by machines.  The artist has taken time and devotion to create their own design and to make this saree beautiful.

Fast shipping of sarees direct from Melbourne.

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Details of the saree:

Saree material: Satin
Length: 5.5m

Blouse material: Satin
Length: 0.8m

Saree and blouse material colour: Pearl (off white)

Design: Royal blue shaded flowers with leaves. Together with the shine of the satin material, the subtle glitter in the flowers and leaves make the saree sparkle in the evening light. A thin gold border completes the saree.

Necklace and bangles come with the saree.

Made in Australia by Simply Sarees.


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Additional information

Weight 1200 g